From Zero To Hero – The Start

Fit & Training door thijs

Hi Fit Girls! Let me first introduce myself. I'm Joyce, owner of fashion & lifestyle blog I've always been passionated about being creative and fashion is one of them. I'm a creative girl who works freelance in different work-fields. From social media advice, photography & film to graphic design and web design. Yes, when you need a creative touch you're at the right spot with me. Every month I will share the ins and outs of my fit journey and so much more...

My journey
Let me start sharing a bit of my health and sport history. When I was little I started with dancing and a few years of playing netball. Nothing impressive, because I mostly like the social part of playing sports and wasn't that competitive. Actually this is the most of sports I did in my entire life. In my teenage years I occasionally did jazz-dance but nothing more than that.

My entire life I struggled with my health. I got problems with my intestines, got muscle/joint pains and had no energy. During high-school I always looked forward to go back home and sleep a bit after school before doing my homework. Besides this I also was that girl with glasses, braces and was super shy. Yes, nerd alert! So during that time, playing sports wasn't the thing I looked forward to in school. I was often that girl that got picked last during school sport activities, so I preferred to focus more on the creative courses.

Until now, more than 10 years later, I still struggle with my body image and feel I don't make the best of my body. Yes, through the years I gained and lost some weight but I never came to that point that I felt totally confident with my body. Sometimes I worked out at home, with a personal trainer or just at the gym – but all with no big result. And yes, all the health issues doesn't make it easier – but not impossible.

A new start
That's why I'm so happy stayed in contact with Aranka – founder of – who started this community which got me hooked right away. After she me invited to be one of the Jogha girls and be part of the their shoot I knew this was a start of something new. Yes, during this shoot I got quite insecure because of all the Fit Girls around me, but it also gave me so much inspiration. So right after shooting in the Crossfit box in Rotterdam I started to search for one in my own hometown. Luckily one box just opened in mid November and I couldn't wait to start my fit journey and do my WOD's. I just started, still need to watch out for injuries and I need to learn so much more about my body and nutrition. But hey, this is only the start.

Every month I will write about my fit journey, things I learned and of course how to work out in a stylish way. See you next month!

“ She needed a hero, so that's what she became”