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Fit & Training door fitgirlcode

So yesterday part of the Fitgirlcode crew got a personal training from coach Jeroen Krak from And...WOW! The training had us huffing and puffing, because you're not just doing strength training, you're also working on your endurance. It was heavy as hell, and we LOVED it! 

So what is Model Workout?
Model Workout started as a guiding platform to help models reach their goals, and is now also open for us ‘regular’ ;) non model people who are curious about the workouts models do and how they stay in shape. On the platform you find a source of effective workout video's and recipes. You can interact with the community and ask questions. This site is in Dutch for now, but it's quite explanatory and if you don't speak Dutch you can always watch the video's.

The complete work out
So we started with a warm up and some stretching and then took up the pace with some serious core training. Jumping jacks, squats, plié squats, mountain climber combo's, planking, happy squats, and a whole lot more! And all the while coach Jeroen made sure we all had right postures and we did not injure ourselves. Afterwards we did a cool down with stretching en breathing. The guidance was great! So props to Jeroen! After the work out we still had enough energy to smile :)


Check out Model Workout's official leader

Tips from model workout:

  • Workout 3 times a week. You can follow their video’s Basic training 1,2 & 3 here
  • Drink warm water with half a lemon 30 minutes before breakfast. This cleanses and hydrates your body. Drink it with a straw to protect your teeth
  • Eat 5 times a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack
  • Take extra vitamins, omega 3 and probiotica because you are (especially when you exercise a lot) not getting enough of this from your food.
  • Add fish into your diet such as mackerel and tuna, these are healthy fats!


Would you like to know more about Model Workout? Then you should definitely check to their website, follow them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. You better work!