Fitgirlcode is ready for WOTN

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So you've registered for the 10k run. Your mind is ready and you're body is ready. You've been training for weeks, stretching correctly and eating wisely. So you think you're ready? You're almost there...WHAT TO WEAR? WHAT TO WEAR?

Fitgirlcode is ready for WOTN

Part of the #Fitgirlcode crew is going to run the 10k. They are completely pumped and trained their asses off to run their best personal records. So when you're physically ready comes another fun part: choosing your outfit! YAY! Shelley and Chris have already decided what to wear and wanted to inspire you guys!

Shelley is rocking that outfit! Hot stuff!

Chris is ready to kick some race! Looking good! 

Share your picture!
So what are you going to wear? Don't hesitate to share your pictures with us. Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram using #FitgirlcodeNike. We'd love to know what your favorite running shoes are and why.


Did you already register for Nike WOTN? Join us! We'd love to see you there!

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