Last week Chris & Aranka were interviewed by MonStyle, a fashion platform that tries to satisfy one’s hunger to the beautiful and good things in life. They wanted to know everything about the problems us Fit Girls face in the gym. Here’s a part of the gymtastic interview!

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Are you wearing make-up when you’re doing a workout? If so, do you have any favorites?

Aranka: When I workout, I try to wear as less make-up as possible. I’m not the girl who is working out on a crosstrainer for three minutes and is already satisfied after a three-minute workout. I’m going to the edge, so I sweat a lot. And make-up and sweating are not the two best partners in crime. At least, that’s what I think. So it’s only waterproof mascara for me.

Christel: I actually always wear make-up. Not a lot, but just that little bit to avoid the babyface. However, it’s not the case that I apply some extra make-up before I work out. When I am going to the gym, I always wear the make-up that I already wore at the beginning of the day: foundation, mascara and, if I feel like it, a little bit of eyeliner just above the eye. When I am having a workout in the morning, I only use a little bit of BB creme and some mascara. I always wear waterproof make-up so that I will not look like a panda bear during a heavy workout. My favorite brands are: Yves Saint Laurent (foundation: le teint touche eclat), KIKO (Luxurious Lashes) and the waterproof mascara of CLINIQUE.


To make things easy, we’re just going to assume that you’re wearing a sports bra. Do you have a favorite? We know from our own experiences that a sports bra can flatten your breasts. Is there something you do about this? For example, are you wearing a regular bra underneath your sports bra or is that really not done?

Aranka: Yes, I’m wearing a sports bra during my workout and my favorite sports bra is Nike Pro Indy. There’s not much to flatten in my case, so the difference isn’t that huge (laughs).. I’ve accepted years ago that the old man above us has divided me in #TeamSmallBoobs, so wearing a normal bra underneath my sports bra is an absolute no-go for me. I think my breasts are fine just the way they are!

Christel: Personally, I don’t really mind that a sports bra is flattening my breasts. I got used to it and that’s why I would never wear a normal bra underneath my sports bra. I also believe it’s fine that I got smaller breasts because of working out. Moreover, I am huge fan of Nike and most of my sports bras are from Nike. The bras are tight and offer me some nice support. I also have a couple of H&M, but those aren’t as supportive as those of Nike. I don’t really mind, but I can imagine that it would be different for women who have bigger breasts.

Are you bothered when you don’t have time to shave your legs before a workout? Do you still wear a short pants?

Aranka: Yes, I take this into consideration. I have a two-day rule. This means that if I do not shave my legs for longer than 2 days, I will not show them to the world. After two days, my legs will look like a Mexican cactus plantation and I won’t do anyone a favor by letting them out on the loose. I’m also hardly wearing any make-up so I have to set some boundaries.
Christel: No, I don’t really mind. If it’s hot, I won’t train in a long pants. My legs usually don’t look like a bush, so those three lost hairs that are there aren’t a problem because only I will see them.

As a sporty and attractive women you must get a lot of attention during your workout. What are your tips and tricks to avoid that 30 men are watching you?

Aranka: My tip: train with heavier weights than they do so that they wouldn’t dare to be in your surroundings! Luckily, I don’t have any trouble with flirting men in my gym, they’re mostly just busy with themselves.

Christel: We (Aranka and I) have a lot of male friends in our gym that we like to have small talk with. But when the traning starts, I am totally focussed on my traning. From that moment on, I am not really busy with who is watching me or not, haha!


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