Les Mills - Immersive Fitness: a revolutionary workout concept

Fit & Training door anna FG

#FITGIRLCODE got invited by fitness pioneers Reebok and Les Mills to join the PROJECT – Immersive Fitness in Amsterdam. The invitation promised us a new, revolutionary and futuristic workout concept. Of course we got really curious, so last Wednesday we went to Amsterdam to discover this new fitness world.

Total immersion
The first thing we saw when we arrived at Museumplein in Amsterdam was a big black box. The thing alone looked very mysterious already. Before we could enter the box, we had to change ourselves into really cool Reebok fitness clothes. While we enjoyed the sun and some really jummy and healthy snacks from Saskia. Les Mills Junior told us about the purpose of the Project. He told us that Immersive Fitness is meant to take fitness to a whole new level. People who’ll participate in an Immersive Fitness class will be surrounded with immense 3D video. Les Mills uses the newest Wrap-Around projectors and LED technology. Immersive Fitness gives group fitness a new, visual dimension. The result is ‘total immersion’. Instead of counting repetitions and following instructions from a trainer, the participant now mainly responds to visual instructions.

Immersive fitness makes spinning look appealing
After the inspiring words of Les Mills Junior we couldn’t wait to get started. The event got kicked of with an Immersive Spinning class. Aranka and me really, really hate spinning so we decided to sit this one out. We were present in the room though, because we were curious what was about to happen. When we walked into the room, we entered a whole different world. People started their workout somewhere in the universe and while they were cycling they came across star formations like the Great Bear. The workout really started when they arrived at Immerse Planet. Although I was a spectator I really felt part of the world they were cycling in. Whenever they reached a bend in the road or were descending or climbing a hill, it felt super realistic. I even got a bit of that feeling you get in your stomach when you go down in a rollercoaster. And we were not even on the bike! I have to admit that I really regretted not participating, because this total immersion experience made even a spinning class look appealing.

Bodyjam & Bodybalance
After the spinnings class it was our turn to break a sweat. We participated in the bodyjam & bodybalance class. We started out with some bodyjam exercises. I honestly have the physical coordination of an Eastern egg, so usually I look completely lost when it comes to quickly imitating the dance moves of an instructor. But I have to admit that the visual movements on the walls really helped me out here. Ofcourse I still didn’t look like someone who could participate in So You Think You Can Dance, but it could have been worse. After shaking our bum like Beyoncé, it was time to do some relaxing yoga moves. We were surrounded with a New Zealand looking scenery. Although it was very peaceful, the moving birds distracted me a bit when we had to do balance exercises. Normally I focus at one point, but because the whole surrounding kept moving that was pretty hard. All in all it was a really relaxing experience.

So if you’re tired of looking at the clock while sweating over your spinning bike or getting lost in dance move-related gym classes, than you should really find yourself a gym where they have Immersive Fitness classes. Aranka and I both agree that Les Mills lived up to their promise: this really is a revolutionary and futuristic workout concept.