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Fit & Training door thijs

We've seen them, we've heard of them, we've probably talked about them: I'm talking about gym selfies. Every girl who has done some gym time in her life, probably has made at least one gym selfie. But how do you make the perfect gym selfie á la Jen Selter?  

Let me make one thing clear before I will start our step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect gym selfie. Many people mock other people that make these kind of selfies, but there's nothing wrong with taking a gym selfie! Selfies are good for progress pictures. A picture tells you so much more than the scale. Furthermore, you worked so incredibly hard for this dream body, so why not show it off to the world?! So, how do we take an awesome and fierce gym selfie?

#1. Show your confidence

Show the world that you own the gym. You are a strong women that works hard in order to make a better version of herself. You can show this type of motivation to the world. And who knows, maybe you'll motivate others! ;)

#2. Flaunt your beautiful activewear

You bought those clothes, because you believe they look awesome. So, why not flaunt them on your gym selfie? If you can be fabulous and fit at the same time, you know you've created the perfect gym selfie.

#3. Avoid close-ups

When you're going to the gym, you want to show the people that you really went to the gym. If you take a close-up, your pictures could have been taken anywhere. Furthermore, you're not going to the gym because of your face, you're going to the gym because of your body. So in order to make the picture more reliable, don't go for a close-up!

#4. Be conscious about your environment

If you finally made that perfect pose and looked awesome on your gym selfie, you don't want to realize later when you're at home, that some creepy dude was doing some heavy lifting in the background. And that just when he bended, you could see his buttocks. You don't want that, ever. So make sure you take a close look at your surroundings before taking your gym selfie.

Do you like to make gym selfies? And if so, do you have some tips?