Nike event: Fitness Bloggers Prepping For 'We Run Amsterdam'

Fit & Training door fitgirlcode

The 16th of May we will be running through Amsterdam. Who? You, me and a team of Awesome #FITGIRLS! Nike will organize their famous 10k run, We Run Amsterdam (previously known as We Own The Night)! But running 10K is not an easy peasy task, at least not for me. So I will be training for it the coming months. Last week we were invited by Nike to kick of our training with a cool group of fitness bloggers and editors Like Esmee From Workthates, and the fashion editor of Women's Health Marloes and many more.

Esmee testing the right running shoes. These are the Nike Air Zoom, they are sturdy yet flexible, perfect for a not-so-much runner like me.

The warming up was more than neccessary. We were freezing our little fit buts off. I for one am not a fan of the cold. But they made us do as many push-ups as we could which got our blood flowing!

We ran a 3k race, they timed this so we could receive our personalized race schedule and start training for 10K

Receiving goodies. It’s not easy being a Fit Girl. I just love the new Nike Air Max Ultra Moiré.

#LETSDOTHIS Annemerel and Francien are real runners, such an inspiration for me as running-noob.

Dinner with the lovely miss Rens Kroes. We couldn't just sit back, we had to work for our food. We made a 3 course meal from her e-book.

Team dessert: making raw chocolate balls. Why? Because we are chocolatexperts!

A bit of starstruck, but I just had to get a picture with Rens Kroes. She is such a beauty!

Are you in?

So this was my end shot! I ran 3 km in 16 minutes, which is a beginners level. I have a lot of work cut out for me before I can successfully run the 10K in May. Check out my training schedule below for the first 3 weeks.

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