You workout together, sweat together, motivate each other and share all the ups-and-downs together. But this time you want to give her something more than a high five. Surprise your BFFF with something nice to show her that you’re proud to have a friend like her. Tell her she’s the best and motivate her to keep going. But what do you give a Fit Girl? I made you a small list for a big smile 🙂

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 Sexy glow

After a sweatdripping workout this product is such a treat for your body. Creamy and fresh! €16  from the The Body Shop.






Schermafbeelding 2014-08-21 om 12.03.46Bottle up

Whether your Fit Girl is hitting the gym, the streets or an outdoor adventure through freezing temperatures, this double-walled bottle design keeps your liquid stable even in the hardest conditions. Of course it’s BPA free and the coolest part is that your bottle offers a 360 degree visibility when running in low-light conditions. And it matches your other gym essentials for sure. (€12,99 Nathan Fire & Ice bottle)






nikeDon’t let ‘hair’ down
We can’t get enough training essentials. This hairband will be her lucky hairband. Make it a friendship strap and treat yourself at one too. (€18 Nike)







chocoTreat a cheat
For the big ups or the big downs there’s just one big wannahave every girl is longing for. Chocolate. So give it to her. To celebrate, for a well-deserved cheat day, for a bad day or just because she loves chocolate. And why not share it together? 😉 €3,95 at V&D







shirtWe never part
You want the full “OMG! You’re the best!“ experience from your Fit Girl? You must have these shirts and you will never part 🙂 €29,95 at Fitgirlcode.





When was the last time you surprised your BFFF? And what would you like to receive to stay focused or motivated? I was thinking about setting a date for an International BFFF Day and share this great fit friendship with the rest of the world. What about September 16th? (My Birthday, so you can treat me double J) No serious, are you in for an official BFFF Day? Let me know!

High Five,


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