For the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing about foods that can make you a lot happier if you make them a part of your daily diet. Studies have shown that each of these six happy foods can positively contribute to your wellbeing, you are what you eat (or drink) right?! Today I’ll be writing about coffee and how its consumption is linked to positivity!

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As I explained in ‘Happy foods – part 1‘, I have a curious mind that craves to learn about new things. I’m kind of a nerd, so whenever I get the chance to I love to read about science. There are always certain subjects that spike my interest a bit more than others; happiness (combined with science) is one of those for me.

How is coffee consumption linked to happiness?
study showed that drinking coffee was linked to pleasure, energy and kindness. When coffee is enjoyed socially it is linked to friendship, affection, satisfaction and good nature. When sipped leisurely, cups of coffee induced happiness, calmness and tranquility. Another study, published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, showed that women who drank two to three cups of coffee a day were 15% less likely to develop depression (over a 10 year span), compared to those who consumed one cup or less each day.

Some interesting coffee facts
While we’re on the subject, it’s nice to share some interesting facts with you! You’re never too old to learn 😉

  • People started drinking coffee in the 15th century
  • 80% of the caffeine in the world is consumed as coffee
  • Coffee is a red berry before it’s a bean
  • All of the coffee grown on the planet is from an area called “The Coffee Belt”

Last but definitely not least caffeine, improves your performance when working out. When consumed it increases the levels of adrenaline, and releases fatty acids from fat tissues, leading to a better physical performance.

Whether coffee will be a source of your bliss is personal of course. I have to admit I’m not a coffee drinker myself (tea ftw) but my love for science got me to write this article. You might also want to read ‘Happy foods – part 2‘.

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