Healthy state of mind

Fit & Training door thijs

Hey Fit Girls! My name is Sophie and I’m a fitness loving, healthy loving, life loving kinda girl. My mission? To spread some real inspiration and positivity across the fitness community…

Healthy state of mind

Over the last few years, my fitness journey has seen me dabble with tons of weird and wonderful classes and routines. But now, after several years of training, I’ve finally found a programme that works for me. It incorporates resistance training, cardio and yoga and takes up just five hours of my week… but I do work my butt off during that time!

Getting into a routine…
I absolutely adore working out and challenging myself and have recently concentrated on building my muscle mass while keeping a lean and toned physique – using the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Training Guide. I’m currently mid-way through her second guide, but my plan is to carry on devising resistance circuits of this sort alongside my weekly yoga.

A beautiful life…
To me, a healthy body and a healthy mind is key to achieving a truly beautiful life. Having this healthy balance and taking time to enjoy life, nourish your body and give it the rest it deserves is extremely important.  And the best thing about finding this healthy balance is you’ve got a lifestyle you can enjoy forever – no fads, no short term results and no sacrificing your day-to-day needs.

I’ve deprived myself in the past – having previously suffered from an eating disorder that brought my weight down way too low. While it took me a good few years to get through that time in my life, I’m now happier and healthier than ever. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only health problem I’ve had to deal with in my late teens and early twenties. I also became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which reduced my ability to live a full and normal life and left me physically and mentally exhausted after a few hours shopping or time in the office. At times, even stepping into the shower was too much of an effort for my body.

Through pacing myself, meditation, eating good food and building up my ability to work out again I’ve been able to overcome my issues and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I also left my job and started my own business from home, working as a freelance journalist and copywriter – which has been even more successful than I could’ve ever imagined!

Happiness… the highest level of success
I’m so excited to be writing for #FITGIRLCODE. I’ll be blogging about everything from having a healthy attitude to food and fitness, through to ways to nourish and look after your mind and body, along with lots of inspiration of course!