From now on I may call myself a member of the #FITGIRLCODE crew and my name is Stephanie. Born and raised in the cheese city, Gouda, family roots in Colombia and now rocking the city of Rotterdam. I feel free to be me, and me is a Fit Girl, volunteer, employee at a university, dreamer, psychology student, loveable daughter ;), clown, “stupid” sister :p, motivator, girlfriend, sushi addict, friend and helper for those in need or just wanna have fun and do stuff we shouldn’t do.

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Never in my 28 years on this planet I thought I would become a Fit Girl. As a child I was always active and playing outside, but needed to do that, to lose energy otherwise I would drive people crazy. My sport career started in Spain were my dad learned me to swim across the pool when I was four years old. If I succeeded I would get a children’s sewing machine so that I could make clothes for my dolls. Good motivation skill. By the age of 5 I had my A and B swimming diploma and replaced my fashion career for a children’s play kitchen. HAHA – a girl’s got to eat 😉

At school I also enjoyed the gym classes, I sucked in almost everything but I needed these exercise breaks, otherwise I couldn’t sit still in the classroom. My sport career during my childhood had some interesting combinations because I mixed gymnastics with swimming, karate with horseback-riding, street dance with working in a restaurant and I even had a one day career as a ballerina. After I graduated from secondary school I lost my interests in sports and needed more time to dream about life and boys, continued my fashion career at fashion school and trying to entertain people by making a complete fool out of myself. =) Back then I already figured out not to take life so seriously and lived by the quote: “SMILE while you still have teeth =)”.

“SMILE while you still have teeth =)”

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