How the Fitgirlcode Guide Worked For Me

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New Year, New Me

Last summer, I decided to go back home to St. Maarten for 2 months. I hadn't returned for about 2 years at that point, so I was really excited for it! Of course, when it was time to return to work and school, I found myself coming back to the Netherlands with not only an impressive tan, but also a full suitcase, memories of fun nights out, and about 8 kilos/17 pounds extra weight on my body.  In those two months, I lost my rhythm completely when it came to my fitness and eating habits. I splurged on all my comfort foods from home that I can’t get here in The Netherlands, and while I don’t regret it one bit, I couldn't exactly say I was pleased with the outcome.

After coming back to The Netherlands, I didn’t end up getting any better. My schedule was insane, and I experienced my first winter dip, making me one sad panda. Then January thankfully rolled around, and I was determined to start working on me again to be happy with how I feel about myself and how I was choosing to spend my time. I knew it was time to change!

I began going to the gym two to three times a week, biking everywhere I could and I put myself on quite a strict diet. This worked for a while, and I lost about 4 kilos by March. The only problem was that I wasn’t happy with how I was doing it or even feeling accomplished. I loved working out at the gym, but my eating habits were just killing my vibe. I wasn't looking forward to my food, and it wasn’t something I could commit to since it felt so boring and restrictive. One can only eat so many apples, and sad salads before you break. Don't trust stock photos, salads are really not that funny.  Cue the change, once again. I chose to try out the Fitgirlcode Guide to see if this was a better fit for me in terms of variety and making me a bit more pleased with what I was eating. If you don’t want to read this whole blog, then here’s all you’ve got to know: it worked amazingly and it’ll probably do the same for you too.

Here are the details

I followed the Fitgirlcode Guide for 4 weeks and lost 3 kilos in that time, 5 cm from both my bust and my stomach, and 10 cm from around my hips. But what I think is the most important thing that happened was that I also developed a healthy relationship with food. In the beginning, it feels like a lot of work cooking in advance and planning, but as I kept at it, it became something I craved. I loved the structure it gave to my diet, and the meals never made it feel like I was missing out on something. I looked forward to my meals instead of having a craving to order something or to go out for dinner somewhere nice. With this guide, I never got the feeling that I was missing out on eating something tasty and nice. In fact, people were watching my meals and intrigued with what I had! That’s probably the reason why I stuck to it. It simply felt and tasted good. It wasn’t a diet, just eating more consciously and eating better.

Interestingly, when I did go out to eat, my body could immediately tell the difference. I would get bloated, tired and feel sluggish. This was a huge switch from how I felt all my other days following the guide: refreshed, alert and I just had so much energy. I figure that you simply feel healthier when you’re filling your body up with the right nutrients that you need, instead of eating junk.The Fitgirlcode Guide gave you a clear overview of exactly what you’re putting into your body in terms of nutrients which I liked a lot. I did most of my groceries on Sundays, but strategically got small things through the week as well. This way I ensured that some things, like lettuce, would still be as fresh as possible when I'm ready to eat it. Having my meals so structured also of course was kind to my bank account. You’re not going to go out for dinner if you already have the groceries there waiting in your kitchen, or the meal prepped and ready to go. Do you have any idea how much you save when you stop eating out?

Set for life

After doing the four weeks, I’ve been finding myself cooking a lot of meals from the guide simply because I enjoy them and know it’s good for me. So it definitely gave me all the tools I needed to be healthy and actually learn what that truly means. There’s no ‘look’ with being healthy, and also no quick route to get there. At least not any quick route that will actually last you a lifetime. That’s the plus point with the Fitgirlcode Guide. It truly sets you up for life and teaches you what a day of healthy eating looks like (and gives you a huge amount of recipes to choose from later on).

Without the Fitgirlcode Guide, I’d probably still be unenthusiastic when going about trying to be healthier, and without that excitement, there would for sure be no way that I would have stuck to it. Curious about the guide and want to give it a shot yourself? Use the code "CELEBRATE20" and get 20% off your very own e-guide until the 31st of March! That way, you'll have all the tools you need to kickstart that healthy life of yours. Good luck and let me know how it goes for you! :)