How to do thrusters

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Since I like to inform you Fit Girls about the variety of weightlifting moves out there, I'm here to go in to depth on the #killermove; Thrusters. Thrust me when I say that you can Thrust me on this one.

Why I'm back with this move?

I featured the thruster with kettlebells here. The (barbell) thruster is best known as the bane of all Crossfitters. This multi-joint exercise works every muscle from head to toe by combining a full front squat and a push press, in one smooth, but brutal, range of motion. More reason for us Fit Girls to take a closer look and reconsider this move. Cause in case you didn’t knew WE  can also try to execute this one with dumbbells or a barbell. These are good alternatives if you're not sure about kettlebells or don’t have any access to them.

Why should you thrust the thruster?

Well....the thruster is a complex exercise that demands a tremendous amount of mobility, strength, stability and power.  It is a metabolic thrasher that can humble even the most hardened of lifters. But that’s good news for us Fit Girls. Because of how intense it is, the thruster can drastically improve overhead pressing strength and overall body composition with regular practice. Proper execution is a must if you want to master this.

Preparation IN 3 STEPS

  1. Grasp the weight you want to use with an overhand grip.
  2. Position weight in front of shoulders with elbows pointing slightly forward and torso tight.
  3. Position feet slightly wider than shoulder width, pointing outward.

Now action!

  1. Descend until knees and hips are fully bent or until thighs are just past parallel to floor.
  2. Knees travel slightly outward in direction of toes.
  3. Raise body upward by extending knees and hips.
  4. Accelerate when nearing top of squat, drive the weight up off shoulders, pull head back, and throw weight overhead by extending arms upward.
  5. Pull head forward when arms extended at lockout overhead.
  6. Immediately lower weight by bending arms.
  7. As you lower the weight, bend legs, pull head back, and catch the weight in front of shoulders as knees are bending at approximately 90°.
  8. Repeat movement sequence in quick succession.

So if you're up to getting those beautifull #michelleobama arms and trying to be as fly as #shehulk, make sure to throw those thrusters in the mix. Hit me up on instagram to keep track of my #fitgirlcode activities and share your thoughts on this article below.