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Review on Kayla Itsines BBG

It all started when I first saw a transformation picture of @0403natalie on Instagram. I was SO amazed at how fit and toned she was (not to mention her wonderful abs) and I found out that it was Kayla Itsines BBG that she had completed. I was immediately inspired and knew I wanted to look like that! I have always been small, but I wanted to become stronger, in shape, and have muscles. I was a little unsure about the BBG at first because workouts I had done before just didn't work for me. Those other workouts were all about counting calories and having strict schedules, and eventually I couldn't find myself happy with it. I bought Kayla's BBG bundle of workouts and nutrition for $120. Let me just say this; BEST $120 EVER SPENT. I have come so far with my health. Kayla's BBG is all about getting that perfect bikini body every girl wants. It's about bettering yourself and becoming stronger than you were yesterday. I have learned so much through Kayla's nutrition guide. I am so much more informed of healthy foods and now I am able to modify those foods listed in the nutrition guide. I couldn't be more thankful for that. I was always stressed out with other workout guides because it didn't inform me as much as Kayla's did. Now I know WHY foods are healthy and WHY some foods aren't. Before, it was all about calorie intake and burning more calories than you consume. SO WRONG. Kayla's guide is the healthiest and most effective workout I have ever had and I will never go to something else. And the best thing about it? You don't count calories! It's all realistic and simply eating clean foods. No starving yourself of meals, no detox drinks, no juice cleanses. It's all REAL!


Do what Kayla says
Follow Kayla's guides and instructions strictly! READ through it all. She didn't write all of that for no reason. It's all so informative and has tons of information you need to know. You WILL learn so much.

Count nutrients, NOT calories
Don't. Count. Your. Calories. Girls still ask me everyday how many calories I have per meal/day and the honest answer is "I don't know!" because I don't count calories or limit myself to only 3 large meals a day.

Don't go by other girls' progress. Don't compare yourself to other girls. Everyone is different and we all have different body types, which means we will all get different results. Do the workouts to YOUR best ability. Don't worry about having to hurry through a workout. It's not about how many times you complete a circuit. It's about your form and you pushing your body to your limit! If you simply can't do a certain workout, then modify! I can't tell you how many times I have had to do that. But you know what? I still got wonderful results because I worried about pushing myself to my limits and not comparing myself to another girl who was multiple weeks ahead of me.

Progress Pics
Take progress pictures! It's so so so important!!! Without progress pictures, you will never know if you got a new muscle or if anything has changed. Take pictures everyday or whenever you feel like you need to, but definitely take them.

Planning is a huge key factor for me. I'm in school, so I'm always busy, but I figured out that by planning my week ahead of time, I have been on top of all my workouts! Planning is KEY. I bought a 2015 planner and have planned my workouts, meals, and classes accordingly. I plan out every month beforehand just so I won't fall behind. Whenever I have completed something I just cross it out and know that I am DONE for that day. This works for me because it's less stressful and I can look and see what I have to do for that specific week or month. I'm not one of those who can keep things in my head because more than likely I'll forget one thing and I don't like to do that. If you find yourself busy or are a BBG mom, plan! It'll only make things better!

Do not weigh yourself. I weighed 116 lb starting the BBG and I now weigh 122 lb. No I did not gain fat, but I gained muscle! A lot of girls believe that you have to lose weight in order to see progress, but that is so wrong. Weight has nothing to do with it! If I were to look on a scale and see that I weighed 6 lb more than I did starting the BBG, then yes I would have been discouraged. That's another reason why progress pictures are much more important than weighing yourself on a scale and going by weight. Go by sight!

Week 1-12 BBG 1.0 round 1

For the first 4 weeks of the BBG I was getting discouraged because I wasn't seeing results immediately like I was wanting to. That's so unrealistic. When eating healthy and working out, your body is bound to change. It has no choice whatsoever. I decided to look at the first picture I took before starting the BBG and guess what? I had progress! I didn't see this progress physically, but when I compared my progress pictures, I noticed a huge difference. Needless to say, make sure you take progress pictures! Sometimes you may think your body hasn't changed, but when you compare it to another picture from a couple weeks ago, you might notice a new muscle that you had never seen before. This was me with my abs! I was so shocked and yet so proud of myself! When I saw these transformations, I knew that Kayla's guide was no joke and that it was real, with real girls, and real results.


Completion of 15 weeks

After completing the first 12 weeks of BBG, I was so beyond happy and proud of myself that I did something so wonderful and changed my body for the better. I was stronger, more focused, informed, and HAPPY! Although the first 12 weeks were over with, I wasn't going to stop there. This is a life changing thing and now I'm hooked! I decided that I wanted to take in more protein. I did some research and found that protein is wonderful for promoting muscle growth and I knew that I wanted a 6 pack. So I ended up buying some Clif Builder's protein bars of 20g protein while also eating protein filled breakfasts. Best thing I've ever done. I'm fuller much longer and find myself with so much more energy than I have ever had. 3 weeks went by, (making it week 15), and I posted a progress picture because I noticed a change with myself and my protein intake. Luckily, Kayla saw this picture and featured me on her page! I was beyond excited! Best motivation I have ever had, so of course it made me want to work even harder. LOL.

Currently on BBG 1.0 round 2


I am now on week 18 in the BBG 1.0 round 2 and this is my progress as of now. Huge difference, right? After competition of BBG 1.0 for the second time, I plan on buying BBG 2.0!! Cannot wait!

What's important?

Most importantly, I want you girls to know that it's okay to have a cheat meal. It's okay to miss a workout. It's okay if you're sick and miss a couple days. Your body needs rest and sometimes you need to listen to what your body is telling you. One cheat meal, or one missed workout isn't going to make you fat. Just like one workout, or one healthy meal won't make you fit. Keep that in mind and stay positive! Surround yourself with things that make YOU happy and do YOU.

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