Are you also having trouble to drink that 2L water a day? I found a solution that might work for you as well. By nature, I am not a very thirsty person – actually, I am hardly ever really thirsty and often I forget to drink enough water. Ever since I substituted juice with water, it’s going a bit better, but still I’m having trouble reaching the recommended 2 liters a day.

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Therefore, I started using this app called ‘Waterlogged’. It’s a real simple concept: you set your daily goal and start with an empty bottle. Everytime you finish your drink, you add it to the bottle and you see it filling up! It also shows you how much you still have to drink and you can even set some goals in between, such as having drunk 1L by 14:00.

A little help

If you’re like me – forgetting or struggling to drink enough water and in for a challenge, then this app is great for you. ‘Waterlogged’ is only available for iPhone, but there are plenty of very similar apps for Android as well.

P.S. Pluspoint: when you finish the 2L, they make you press an ‘I Am Successful’ button 😉

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