Hi girls! I’m the newest member of the #FITGIRLCODE crew, Roos, also known as Fitgirlroos on Instagram. A medical doctor with a passion for fitness and health. 

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So who am I?
I’m a 29 year old girl, living in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I enjoy Oreo cookies, weightlifting, laughing with my girlfriends, dancing at outdoor festivals, spending quality time with my super sweet boyfriend Ace, and working as a medical doctor in the Emergency Room. I would describe myself as a happy girl with a good set of brains, but quite impatient and even more clumsy!

My fit journey
profielfoto-kapper.jpgMy fit journey started two years ago. My BMI was around 25.5, so I’d become a little bit overweight. More important than that, I didn’t feel fit. I made no time to workout or eat healthy. Life was always so busy busy busy! During the day, I didn’t make time for a proper meal and would only eat a quick sandwich. Is that bad? YES! Because at night, I would compensate by overeating. Afterwards, I’d be so tired, that I skipped the gym and cocoon with my boyfriend and some ice cream in front of the TV. Sounds familiar, perhaps?



The change I’ve made
Okay, so how did I change this around? I decided I’d had enough of this vicious cycle! I bought a random book on weightlifting and started applying all the small aspects into my life, one by one. The most important changes for me were:
– Eating much more during the day (breakfast! 4 PM snack!) to prevent cravings.
– Doing heavy ass weightlifting for 3-4 times a week and building lots of muscle mass, to tone my body and speed up my metabolism.

It really worked! I lost 12 kilograms, gained a lot of muscles and felt better than ever. I’m sooo happy I’ve made this change. It truly was a lifestyle change and I’m planning to keep up with it for the rest of my life 🙂

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