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We had an awesome training with Inge Stufkens, who blogs for Model Workout and is a model for Q's models. Inge lives in Milan, but was on holiday here in The Netherlands. We have regular contact with her about achieving the right Model Lifestyle and a little while ago we got together for a super work out. We mainly focused on having the right posture, something we should all do, whether you're a model or not. It's all about posture!


There's work to do! Let's find the right posture! 
It's important for Inge to focus on having the right posture. This is mandatory when doing fashion shows or taking pictures. How do you tighten your core? What's the best way to stand and in what way can you use your body to rock the runway?





Tough love from Paultje!
When Paultje is correcting people on their posture, the main focus is on the pelvis, back and shoulders. Most people nowadays spend hours behind the computer. Even the models that we train. Paultje wants everyone to stand up straight using an imaginary line from the top of your head all the way to your tailbone. Shoulders should be down and certainly not bend forward. One little trick to stand up straight is to really tighten your butt. Squeezing it as if you have to hold a little coin with it. ;-)



Inge and Paultje practicing presentation: Stand up straight please :-)

No matter what your profession is one thing is always important and that is how you present yourself. You can only make one first impression! Note for everyone; Breathe! Not only while exercising do people tend to stop breathing but also when being nervous, afraid and overly happy. Be aware of your breathing in a natural way. There is no need to extremely focus on it cause it’s a natural thing to do. Otherwise you would’ve been dead already ;)



The other most important thing is being self conscious. Be in the moment, know what you are doing and what can you do to improve. If it’s about training, ask yourself if your technique while doing your excercises is good, if so not perfect. Besides being fully aware of your being during sports, it’s also very helpfull to every now and then stand still by the things you are doing at the very moment. Why are you doing it and where does it lead you to? Try to be as grounded as possible, that way you are always able to present yourself just the way you are. Which should be good enough!

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