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Jenny from Healthyfans made an awesome review on Jogha: the new fashionable sports brand. Because we liked it so much, we decided to translate it and to share it with you! 

Jenny: Started as an idea, evolved into a garment to help you discover the badass within. I couldn't really believe it. Your own brand of clothing?! That's so awesome! Aranka, I am so incredibly proud of you. A couple of weeks ago, me and some other Fit Girls such as Annemerel, Esmee & Laura were asked to do a fotoshoot for Jogha. These pictures would be used for a spread in Cosmopolitan Magazine. If I wanted to join? HELL YEAH! Unfortunately, I couldn't make it that day. I was really bummed out, but I had to do an important exam.. ARGH!

One week after the photoshoot I received a really nice package from the mail man. Aranka was so sweet to send me as one of the first ones to try out some Jogha clothes! Today, I worked out for the first time in this gear and the clothing feels really comfortable.

The leggings do not fall off! Halleluja. I hate leggings that fall down your butt. These leggings are extra comfortable, because the robes of the pants do not have an end, which means the robe can never dissapear from your legging. How awesome is this?

Moreover, the back of the leggings has a special pocket in which you can put your bank card, keys or your gym card.

And the labels? Haha, check them out for yourself:

Sweet Aranka gave me the Racerback Bra Ethnic Unique, Long Tights Black and the Long Tights Animal, but I will also receive the Jogging pants in black. I can assure you, this is definitely not the last thing that Aranka is going to send to me. I am madly in love with Jogha! <3

Do you also want to release your inner badass? Be sure to go our webshop and have a look at all the awesome Jogha gear. And what's even better: you get a free water bottle with every purchase over 50 EUR! YAY!

Aranka – Photo by: Victor Kruit

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