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Dear Fit Girl community,

We are currently in the process of creating the #FITGIRLCODE movement. What we have in mind, is to create a promotional video featuring our crew AND all of you. So founder of #FITGIRLCODE, Aranka has a special message for you! 

Sometimes, when things get too crazy at the office, we forget to do the small things that really matter to us. It's easy to lose track of things --  we are humans after all ;) but this is why we need you! To remind us what this is all about, share your story to the world, and be a part of the #FITGIRLCODE movement.

All we need is for you to send us a good quality, bright video that tells us what this community means to you. In order to make this possible and for everyone to have a chance to be featured, we have come up with 3 picks for you to choose from to make your video. So, you choose 1, and make it your own!

(Please keep in mind that the video should be a maximum of 15 seconds.)

  1. #FITGIRLCODE to me, is…
  2. #FITGIRLCODE motivated me to…
  3. "Being a Fit Girl means…

As for the video requirements, they are simple and will help us out A LOT:

  • Filmed outside, with a pretty background :)
  • Full upper-body shot, from hips to top of your head
  • HD
  • Good lighting
  • Good audio (no background noise)



Submit the video as an MP4 file to

 Join the #FITGIRLCODE Movement

We are beyond excited to see all sorts of videos coming in! And seeing as this is the most beautiful thing you could be doing for us, we will be including ALL of the videos that meet these requirements. Thank you for being you Fitties!

With lots of love,


P.S.: By submitting a video to, you are giving us permission to include it in our promotional #FITGIRLCODE video for the world to see!