How I learned to heart core training

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I've been a pretty active girl so far. I alternately did gymnastics, ballet, ballroom dancing, karate, track and field when I was young. I tried kitesurfing and hope to know how to ski someday. Now I fill my days with teaching Sh'Bam (dance cardio) and BodyBalance (yoga and Pilates), running  and cycling.

But I have always dreaded core training. It is a chore I have to complete. I was happy to quit my abs exercises when I became pregnant, not returning to them with the excuse I had other work outs to do. It was just sheer luck (or lucky genetics) that my belly got back pretty much in the same way it was before my pregnancies.

Last year I found out though that core training is at the heart of any sports. That got me looking at core training from a whole different perspective! You can be a better runner, cyclist, yogi, whatever if you add core training to your routine. Better yet: you won't be a better athlete UNLESS you add core training to your routine!

Overly ambitious as I am, this got me totally motivated. Yes, abs exercises are still tough, but I now know why I am doing them. And is not about aesthetics.  Here's why:


Core training makes you faster

With a strong core, you need less energy to keep body balanced when running or cycling. That energy you can now put into propelling yourself forward, reaching the finish line quicker. So core training equals PB, yay!

Core training makes you stronger

A strong core supports your exterior muscles, helping you to lift weights with better form. Better form makes for a more effective work out. On top of that, a strong core makes it easier to lift even heavier. How cool is that!

Core training makes you healthier

Working on your core will reduce body fat around the waist line, even if you don't look like abs queen Fit Girl Chris. Body fat around the waist line is related to health risks like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. A strong core makes for a healthy fit girl, and who doesn't want to be in good health?

Oh, one other tip on core training: don't forget to keep front and back of your core balanced! So combine your abs routine with back exercises. The #FITGIRLCODE Planking Challenge is a excellent way to work both sides of your core. You can then rock any backless dress like a total BAWWSS.


Let's go heart core!