Ok, let’s talk insecurities. Because you know that I know you have ‘em. We all have them. Whether it’s about our belly, our butt or our hair, there’s always this part of us we don’t necessarily like.

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And God forbid we’d share it. Nor on Instagram, nor on Facebook. All we see up there are pretty pictures of a – what it seems – perfect life. But seriously, who’s life is perfect all the time? Well, let me tell you this: mine isn’t. Sometimes, ok at least once a day, I get insecure scrolling through Instagram pictures or staring at pretty faces on Facebook. She has better hair, she has better legs and oh my can I please touch that flawless skin of hers! Bottom line is that we don’t share our problem areas, we don’t upload pictures of our jiggling thighes or ugly #wokeuplikethisfaces. Sure I won’t.

IMG_9461The fact that I won’t post it on Instagram doesn’t mean I don’t have flaws. And it made me wonder. Why should I make you believe I live in a perfect (gym)world, where all the weights are shiny and the gaintrain never stops. I need things to be real and I need you to know that flaws and insecurities are okay.

So here I go, telling you about my insecurities. Please, don’t post ‘m on Instagram…

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