Apparently we’ve been good Fit Girls at #FITGIRLCODE HQ! Because Santa brought us some really awesome goodies.. Basically everything we need to kickstart 2015. Here’s what was beneath our #FITGIRLCODE Christmas tree!



Dermalogica multi-active toner

Fit Girl Aranka is completely in love with Dermalogica, and the rest of the team cannot wait to try it out too! Dermalogica is one of the few brands that cares about your skin and your skin only. Their products look simple and luxurious, which makes us love it even more. This multi-active toner will hydrate, refresh and soften a Fit Girl’s skin. Exactly what we need in the winter!






Body & Fit Shop Shake & Smoothie mix

Our Santa at the Body & Fit Shop sensed that we wanted to make 2015 even healthier than 2014 was! Is this even possible? We say hell yeah! The shake & smoothie mix of cacao, cashew and flax is gonna make our yogurts, shakes and smoothies so much more delicious. Because what more does a Fit Girl need than some healthy chocolate in her food? 😉




Colourful Rebel beanie

To keep us warm in the cold, cold winter, we really neeeeded these awesome beanies from Colourful Rebel! Now everyone can see we’re (fit) rebels, hehe. What do you think? Can Fit Girls Nathalie and Shirley pull off the Rebel beanie successfully?


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