Lose stress naturally

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School, work, friends, working out. Life can ben hectic and everybody stresses sometimes. The most common stress relievers you probably already know include exercising, talking to friends or just going outside. But what if you can’t make it to your friends or gym? Time to tell you how you can calm down in six simple different ways.

1. Lavender in your home
This herb lowers your heart rate and blood pressure (didn't know this either). You can put dried lavender in a vase next to your bed or buy a moisturizer with lavender in it. This way you can relax and fall asleep easily.

2. Chocolate covered strawberry
When us girls get stressed, we are tempted to grab every sweet treat in the house. But food with a lot of sugar in it can make you feel even more stressed. Try strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. The strawberries have vitamin C that fight body-damaging and the dark chocolate helps to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol.

3. Take a bath (if you have a bath)
Experts say that taking a bath connect us to our time in the womb. Use lavender bath oil to get more relaxed.

4. Get your hair shampooed like in the salon
The feeling when someone massages your head, is priceless. Massage your own head with your fingertips. The great thing about head massages is that your scalp releases natural conditioning oils, that make your hair look even more beautiful.

5. Drink chamomile tea
Research shows that one of the compounds in this herb binds to the same brain receptors as drugs like Valium. So that is why this tea is a mild innocent tranquilizer.

6. Rub your feet
Rubbing your feet (also known as reflexologie) is an alternative medicine therapy. By applying pressure on different parts of your feet, it helps to ease stress and it even helps migraines. Do it yourself by rubbing under the base of your toes to calm your head. Massage the ball of your foot to relax the chest. Rubbing your big toes releases soothing endorphins, which can help you relax.

What do you do to release stress? Share your tips with us!

Source: Health.com