Marlou van Rhijn, badass babe on blades

Fit & Training door anna FG

Earlier this week Nike unveiled their new ‘Just do it’ campaign with a series of short videos featuring inspiring icons, including Dutch paralympic athlete Marlou van Rhijn. The videos are a tribute to active women who always want to get stronger and try to get more out of themselves. Their campaign inspires this new generation of women, the ones who are always on the move, taking action and embracing their inner tenacity, spontaneity and drive...And we love it!!!

Marlou van Rhijn, badass on blades

If you’re doing good, but know you can do better, this quote clearly describes Marlou’s life motto. She is not able to run with the legs most people have, but uses artificial legs. Despite all this, she is not even satisfied with her Olympic medals and world records and always demands her body and soul to go further. To her, it’s all about exceeding expectations and reaching the next level and to #FITGIRLCODE she is a true role model and simply a KICK ASS WOMAN!


So next time, you're lacking inspiration and motivation simply let this badass babe on blades inspire you to get your ass to the gym and be the best you can be!