Why it's ok to have a setback

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Sometimes we can really get mad at ourselves. We give ourselves so many obligations and if it doesn't go as expected, we failed. At least, that's what we tend to believe. Recently I was in such a situation. I had fanatically exercised, but afterwards I completely let myself go when I had dinner.  I could and wanted to eat everything, and ended up laying in bed nauseously. I was so frustrated with myself, how could I let this happen? But, I soon realized that this is also part of it and that a setback is ok.

It's part of it

A child learns to ride a bicycle by falling a few times and this also applies to reaching a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you have to fall to get back up stronger. Only this way you can discover your weaknesses and look for a way to deal with them. It may not always be perfect and you certainly should not pursue it. A healthy lifestyle is not about whether you have the strength not to eat that bar of chocolate or bag of chips. It's about knowing your own body and realizing what does and what doesn't work for you. And this you'll only find out by making a few mistaking along the way.

Balance is the key, just like enjoying yourself.

Please don't be too strict on yourself! Healthy food is delicious, but everybody likes a bar of chocolate or a greasy snack from time to time. I noticed that by banning certain foods for myself, I only wanted them more and after a while simply couldn't control myself anymore. From now on everything is possible, but to a certain degree. Balance is the key! And that works best for me. I generally try to eat healthy and when I really feel like a Tony's Chocolonely Caramel-Sea Salt bar, it just go for it. Because I have continued to eat healthy on all the other days, I no longer feel guilty. You can call it a cheat meal or a reward for all your hard work, but enjoy this balance!

Do you restrict yourself with foods that you can and cannot eat? If so, how do you deal with eating sprees? 

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