The meat of the future: eat meat without killing any animals

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Unless you live under a rock by now you know that the meat industry is very scary. It is an industry that cages, mutilates and butchers billions of animals. And the industry that exploits farmers by controlling the retail price of their products. Let’s also not forget that we see only what the meat industry wants us to see and if anyone dares to go against them, they will most likely end up in legal trouble. This industry is so f*/ked up that never before has there been so many activist groups trying to better things. And it looks like their efforts are paying off because things seem like they could be changing for the better soon!

For some months now every time I eat meat I feel a little guilty about it. Not because of the fact that an animal was killed in order for me to “enjoy” a piece of meat  but for the way in which it was killed. In my perspective eating meat is a natural thing, however I can't stand the cruelty that surrounds the production of meat. I think it would be a different thing if animals would be able to grow old and live a cage free life until they were old enough that they would die from natural causes, or killed in a peaceful way.

Sadly this is not how things are. And while I admire and respect all vegans and vegetarians, that is not a lifestyle which I chose (however I haven't closed the door completely to the possibility). This means that I am in a constant battle with my belly and my mind. Although I decided not to be a vegetarian I still try to limit my meat consumption to mostly 2 types of meat: fish and chicken and sometimes I eat beef. About a year ago I stopped eating pork and I don’t like to eat  “fancy” and exotic meats like for example duck or rabbit, just to mention some (I just want to clarify that I don't think some animal lives are more valuable than others, or that it is okay to kill certain animals. That is not the point of this article and it should not be  interpreted as such).

Memphis Meats: The meat of the future

You can imagine my surprise when browsing through my Facebook I saw a video about meat which is produced without killing any animals! Yes ladies and gentlemen you read right, meat without killing any animals. Then company behind this is called Memphis Meats and the way they create this meat is by using stem cells. Stem cells are cells that be transformed and developed into any kind of cells. This new meat has many benefits, for example, thanks to the use of stem cells Memphis Meats is able to control it's fat content and it is free of contaminants, fecal matter and antibiotics. The best part is that Memphis Meats claims that it tastes exactly like normal meat! (Of course we are going to need to try it for ourselves first to see if this part is true)

Beef pork and poultry will be the first types of meat available. Although the meat is already being made, it is expected to actually hit the market in 5 years so we'll have to wait a little. Seems like 2021 will be a year that could change the meat industry as we know it for good. I’m definitely excited for this to happen and I’m really hoping this meat will be at a price which is affordable for everyone!