How to motivate yourself during winter

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Winter season is definitely not my most favorite (active) season. Sorry for all you winter lovers ;-). Waking up in the morning when it feels like midnight, driving to work when it’s still dark and then dark again when I’m done working. My happy, sunshine character turns into a lazy, couch hugging kind of type. But thank God I’m a bootcamp and group fitness instructor who will not give up so easily. People are counting on me, waiting for a big dose of energy so they feel powerful and good about themselves afterwards. That thought alone makes my day and brings the energy back in no time. So here’s some motivation that will help you through that dark, rainy, cold winter time...

When you work in an office just like me, you barely see any daylight and that can have an impact on your mood. So that’s why you should go outside after work for a workout (run, cycle or bootcamp training). I know, it’s hard to put on your sporty outfit when you've already warmed up at home, but it’s worth it! Working out when it’s cold or rainy is perfect for a sexy glow on your skin and great remedy for that small winter depression.


Shake it off
I’m not sure if this is typically me or something you experience too, but during the winter I worry more about (stupid) stuff, feel less pretty and I keep myself busy with questions about the future. It’s time to clear that head and shake it all off by doing a real badass workout. For example, you could do some boxing or BodyCombat (kicking and punching works), Grit Strength (30 minutes insane), jumping the rope (when you cannot leave your home) or just a run with many sprints in it. 'What was I worrying about again?' I always ask myself when I’m done.

Warm up
Music can be a great warming up to get you in that workout mood. Turn up some sh*t that will get your body moving and put on your fabulous gym outfit at the same time. I’m sure you’ll start your workout with a big smile.

Tough cookie
You’re awesome when you workout in the gym regularly, but when you workout in the open air and there’s wind, rain or snow and it’s cold too, you get some big respect from people around you. Damn! You’re not a sissy, you show persistence and power no matter what. Don’t forget to post your tough cookie material on Facebook or Instagram ;-).







I have a pretty full closet with workout gear, but I still can’t have enough of it. So that’s also motivation. Get a new shirt, a pair of tights or even a drink bottle and the way to the gym will be so much easier and fun. Did you see all those new winter collections and new brand Jogha? I can’t wait to show it off in my gym :-).

Your reward
When it rains and the temperature is freezing you probably should decide to skip your training and stay at home. Wrong! Think about a reward when you finish your training. A warm shower, cup of tea, hot chocolate or maybe a great person who will give you a massage just because you deserve one. Yes, again tomorrow!


Oké, Fit Girls. Are you always in a good ‘ training’  mood or do you also use some tricks to get yourself motivated? Let me know because officially, winter hasn’t started yet :-|..

High five,