If there is anything I struggle with, it’s finding the motivation to finish something I’ve started. And not just the dishes, cleaning my house or a Model Workout training. It’s pretty much with every aspect of my life. That must be an accomplishment on it’s own…Right? At least I’m consistent with my demotivation! But I too suck it up to get stuff done and with these 5 motivational tips it’s almost impossible to not be motivated!

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#tip 1 Get moving!
We all know working out is good for you. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals and hormones that make you feel better, both physically and mentally. Walking back and forth to the fridge to stuff yourself with food doesn’t count as exercising. Stop rewarding yourself with food, there are better ways to do that.

#tip 2 Daily motivation!
Sayings like: ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted’ might sound kinda corny, but there is some truth in it. If you are going through a rough patch you need to find ways to motivate yourself again. You don’t need to cover every wall in your bedroom with motivational quotes, but you should discover what gets you going again.

#tip 3 Live in the now!
Ofcourse it’s important to think about your future, but if there are any challenges or opportunities coming your way, go for it! It might be a bit scary to walk away from your intial plan, but you don’t want to feel like you missed out on something either.

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