My First CrossFit Experience

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I'm sure you have heard of this huge workout trend, right? It's a functional training method from the US, that's getting more popular each year. My Instagram feed is being flooded with pictures of bad ass boys and girls, lifting heavy barbells and kettlebells and looking AWESOME!

So needless to say, I was super excited to get an invitation to visit the Reebok CrossFit 020 box in Amsterdam. Together with Fit Girl Anna, we participated in a training and had a fun get-together with Erwin van Beek, CrossFit specialist and trainer. When we arrived, we were welcomed by Erwin himself. Anna and I hopped into an amazing Reebok outfit, and it was time to get started! We warmed up with eight minutes of rope jumping. I looove rope jumping, it got my heart racing within the first minute. Erwin really pushed me to my limits, but in a good, supporting way.

The WOD was a combination of DL's and KBS's. Say.. whhaatt? The workout of the day were deadlifts and kettlebell swings. A. Lot. Of. Them..!

The WOD scheme looked like this:

  • 1st minute: 1 DL, 10 KBS
  • 2nd minute: 2 DL, 10 KBS
  • 3rd minute: 3 DL, 10 KBS
  • .... all the way up to the 20th minute: 20 DL, 10 KBS!

At a certain point, it would be too heavy to finish your entire round within the minute. Erwin showed us how to adjust the scheme, if we hit that point. Also, he took some time to find everyone the right weights. There were some beginners, but also some  clearly experienced athletes: I think it's great that we could all workout together!

Okay! The correct techniques were shown by the trainers, and it was time to hit the clock. Twenty minutes of hardcore lifting! Each round got more intense, so after twenty minutes, Anna and I were completely dripping in sweat. It was fantastic! Our back and legs were burning like crazy. The group came together in a circle to stretch our muscles and we sipped vigorously from our water bottles. We survived!





We tried out these Reebok Nano 4.0 Crossfit shoes. How pretty are they? Have you seen all the colours on the website? These shoes gave me great support during the weightlifting, yet they feel super light! I would definately recommend the Nano's if you're serious about weightlifting.

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Afterwards, we sat down with Erwin van Beek to ask him everything we wanted to know about CrossFit. He's a kind and muscular guy, who began CrossFitting in 2007, has a background in judo and Thai Boxing. He also has a lot of experience in training military and police personnel, so he knows a LOT about health and fitness.

How did you start your CrossFit journey?

"I actually believe I already did CrossFitting, before it was even invented. Coming from a judo background, I was always looking for ways to incorporate functional weightlifting in my training schedule. For example, me and my friend would push my car as a part of training, or use ropes to climb in. CrossFit is all about dynamic lifting, so it's practically the same style. I was introduced to CrossFit, when I worked in the US. I was immediately hooked."

Why do you think CrossFit is so effective for women who want to get fit, strong and toned?

"At CrossFit, we don't measure your BMI or your fat percentage. Our first priority is having fun and enjoying your heavy workout. If you just show up regularly, after three or four months you'll look in the mirror and start noticing major differences! Everybody has different goals, when it comes to physical appearance. Some girls would like to get leaner, others would like to gain some curves or muscles. Our human body adjust itself to whatever the circumstances are, during the training. That is why thinly build women will mostly see differences in muscle mass; while fuller build women will mostly be leaning out! This is why CrossFit is suited for all women: Everyone will get fit and toned."

Which body parts are mostly trained at CrossFit?

"CrossFit is always a full body workout. We see the body as a whole. In a regular gym, you usually train different bodyparts seperately, while sitting down. Most CrossFit movements start from the core: meaning the abdomen, back and hips. We see a lot of beginners start here with very weak core mucles, while a strong core  is so important to prevent injuries. It's not just about having great looking muscles! We incorporate endurance, weightlifting and gymnastic exercises in every exercise."

A lot of girls are intimidated to lift heavy weights, because we don't wanna become the next female Arnold Schwarzenegger. What are your thoughts about weight lifting for girls?

"When girls walk in to the CrossFit Box, they are usually a bit hesitant. They'll point at my muscles and say "I don't want to look like that!". Well, I've been training since I was 14 years old, so I know gaining big muscles doesn't happen over night. Especially  when it's a hobby you just do for fun. As mentioned before, you will ofcourse build some muscle mass and lose some fat, but getting a extremely muscular body all of a sudden, shouldn't be something to fear!"

What are your best tips for girls, who'd like to start a more healthy food pattern, but don't know how to start?

"Changing your lifestyle all at once can feel overwhelming. There are so many choices to make. A trainer who will give you a very restrictive diet, can be quite scary and you'll feel like giving up immediately. My best tip is: take it one step at a time. The first step is to just start training, and take some healthy supplements, such as fish oil. That's it.
Step two is to gradually start incorporating more whole foods in your diet: meaning unprocessed, healthy and fresh products. Don't be afraid to eat some healthy fats, your body needs it! Allow yourself a treat every week. I eat French fries every Friday with my family: it's normal! Keep up with your new changes over time. Are you still unsatisfied with the body results after a while? Then it's time to take a critical look at the food amounts you're eating. I think changing your food pattern step by step is the most successful approach, because it happens gradually."

Wow. What a day. Anna and I really had a blast! Talking to Erwin was amazing: I'll definitely keep his words in mind.
Yes, CrossFit is definitely something I'd love to incorporate in my weekly fitness regime!

Do you have any CrossFit experience? What did you think? Or if not, would you like to try?


More information about the Reebok CrossFit 020 Box can be found on the website. Psst, a trial lesson is free!