My Holiday Workouts

Fit & Training door thijs

I see workout opportunities everywhere and I love to be active during a holiday. For some inspiration for your next holiday, I will share how I stayed fit during mine in Portugal!

Mountainbiking & biking

Mountainbiking and biking are great ways to spend a day and it’s an adventurous way to discover the area. Great for your legs as well. Actually, even your arms start to hurt after a while hihi.. and you use some core strength going down those rocky roads!


Kayaking required some team effort, and we were actually pretty good at it! That’s why I think I enjoyed this the most haha.. My arms and shoulders were pretty tired at the end of the day, but in a satisfying way. We kayaked across the caves in the Algarve, which was stunning!

HIIT & Running

During or after sunset, I “enjoyed” some HIIT workouts a few times. High intensity interval training is awesome, because you don’t need hours of working out to feel and get results. I can really recommend the HIIT workouts by Kayla Itsines; they’re simple, but really, really tough. As ‘equipment’ I used stairs and benches. Also I went for a run a few times; make sure you take your running shoes with you on holiday, because you can run everywhere!


On holiday, I almost do everything by foot; there is no need to hurry on holiday, so why should you grab the bus when you can easily walk? I think I’ve walked about one to two hours a day on average – there were some days were I walked the whole day. Walking is underrated – you should try it sometimes, it’s calming and a great low-impact exercise.


Surfing turned out to be way more difficult than I thought. You have to be very patient when surfing, because not only does it take some time to learn, but it can also take some time for the right wave to come along. The waves were so strong one day that I almost tore my bicep haha.. After a day of surfing I was exhausted, now I know why they call it an ‘extreme sport’..!


Having rest days is so important, because that is the way your muscles can recover and grow. And during a holiday, it shouldn’t be all about ‘working out’, but also about doing nothing! Enjoy the good food and just relax; the gym is still waiting for you when you get back home ;)

Tell me about your holiday workouts! What did you do to stay fit?