New York is always a good idea! And if you ever had the opportunity to visit New York you know what I am talking about! The atmosphere, creativity, energy, fashion and the feeling that everything is possible in New York lifts your spirits up! YEAH! It’s an expensive trip, but definitely worth it. After I depleted my piggy bank I was ready to leave on a yet plane to never come back again… I wish! For one week I was a New York (Fit) Girl 🙂

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Before my trip…

Pack my bags drama queen
I hate packing and therefore I always challenge myself to pack my bags on the day of the flight, preferably 2 hours before we leave to the airport… I need to change this habit. Because I always turn into this crazy person running through my house and throwing all my clothes into my suitcase to come to the conclusion it doesn’t fit and be a drama queen about it. 😀


And as if I didn’t have trouble enough to decide what to bring along, nowadays I also pack my sport gear. Ever since I am living a healthy lifestyle, working out became part of my life, also when I am on holiday! Whoop whoop!

After an 8 hour flight, 2,5 movies and 100 lunges in the plane (to keep my blood flowing) …

Sneak peak of New York
I’ve had the opportunity to visit New York several times before and every time I meet up with this lovable city again, I fall more in love with the New York State of Mind. I can’t really explain it in words but only show it to you via this short clip: NEW YORK 2014. It’s a sneak peak of my visit to this fabulous city. We visited these great city art sites, which were truly inspirational.

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