We get a lot of request for recipes. So this week I’m sharing my favorite smoothie recipe with you. This is my favorite breakfast smoothie because it’s full of vitamins, fibers and it gives you enough energy for a intensive workout or a long day of school. Enjoy this pretty pink smoothie.

What do you need?
– A handful of strawberries
– A handful of raspberries
– 100 ml orange juice
– 2 spoons of quark
– 1 scoop of ultra fine oats

Tip: I use frozen berries, perfect for smoothies and less expensive ;-).

If I want to have this pretty pink smoothie for breakfast I usually put the berries in the fridge at night, so they can defrost during the night. Than I just put everything in the blender and swirl it around. Poor it into a glass, add some chiaseeds if you like and enjoy! Check out all our other smoothie recipes here.





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