A little while ago I woke up to a fantastic surprise. My boyfriend wanted to surprise me with a Miyogi! It was my birthday and he wanted to make me a birthday Miyogi. I was blown away by his sweet act, but mostly by the choice of ingredients. He knows how to make a girl happy and shine like a rainbow. Here’s why!

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Chocolate is a girl’s best friend, we all know that. My boyfriend said to me: Today is your birthday so you must cheat!! He added a secret ingredient what made this Miyogi the best B-day Miyogi ever!!! The secret ingredient: M&M’s. Oh how i love these, especially the ones with the peanuts inside. Once the M&M’s were added to the Miyogi, it started to colour the yogurt as well. It was so colourful what made it taste extra good!! That’s why I called this Tizi’s Miyogi: Rainbow swirl

B-day happiness in the morning

The fruits in this miyogi are: Apple, Banana. Secret ingredient: M&M’s
M&M’s These colour coated, chocolate filled, button shaped candies. Once known as “Smarties”, Mars Company started producing these babies in 1941. The original once are filled with only chocolate and nowadays there are twenty-seven different kinds of fillings: milk chocolatedark chocolatewhite
chocolatecrisped ricemint chocolatepeanutsalmondsorange chocolatecoconutpretzelwildcherry,  cinnamonraspberrybirthday cakepumpkin spicecandy corncherry cordialstrawberried peanut butter,peppermintgingerbreadpeanut butterred velvetcarrot cakedark chocolate peanutpineapple and vanilla shake

Yes you read it well! They even have a special Birthday cake M&M!!! So excited about this one!! the flavour all sound so amazing!! Back to the Miyogi.


What do you need?

– YogurtIMG_8315

– 1/2 Apple

– 1/2 Banana

– 1 tbl spoon of flaxseeds

– 1 tbl spoon of chiaseeds

– 1 tbl spoon of honey

– 10 M&M’s

How to make a Rainbow Swirl Miyogi?

I’d say, chop all your fruits together and top it with the yogurt. Do not stirr yet! Now you have a snow white template to work your magic with the honey, flaxseed and M&M’s of your choice. Go wild!! and show me your creations by tagging me with #Fitgirltizi if you post a picture on Instagram.

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