Review: Plenish Juice Cleanse

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I LOVE VEGGIE JUICES! I remember the first time I ever tried a veggie juice. It was in Australia in 2001 and we went to this enormous mall where they had a hip juice bar with all kinds of juices. I chose one with celery and apple and with that first sip, I fell in love. Fourteen years later the love affair is still going strong ❤

Veggie juices=energy!

My mom was always making her own juices when I was a little girl and she used to be really hardcore and add garlic and beetroot. Being a little girl, I didn't like the taste. However, I do remember that the juices helped give my mom so much more energy. I guess that always stuck with me, so when I was asked to do a juice cleanse for a day by Plenish, I immediately said yes! Their combos are pretty awesome and I love their overall look and feel. I did the cleanse for one day, and received six juices with a glass straw and a cleanse guide. Gotta love the details!

Choose your level

I chose level 3 because I wanted as many veggies as possible. I also liked the what they had to say about this level. You can check on the website what kind of level suits you best, be sure to have a look at it to help you choose.

"Our Level 3 cleanse is designed for maximum results and a serious alkaline balancing act! With 4 green juices per day, Level 3 is our lowest sugar cleanse to support weight loss and psychological performance. You'll consume 6 cold pressed juices per day, 4 of which will be green. All cleanses include a free cleanse user manual, a glass straw and our pre cleanse guidance and recipes". 



Let's get started!

That morning I woke up at 7 am to start the day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. You do this to get everything up and running on the inside ;). Two hours later I started with the first juice, LIFT. All those veggies, WOW! Did you know one bottle contains 1 KG of organic products? And it tasted really good too, kinda sweet. You're supposed to drink a lot of water between the juices, so that was good seeing as I never drink enough water.


plenishAt 11 am it was time for the second juice, BOOST. I definitely liked this one better, because of the ginger, lemon and pear. At this point I kinda regretted not doing this cleanse during summer, when it gets really hot and you want to drink everything in sight...perhaps I will do it again next year. I was still a bit full from the first juice so I had to really take my time to drink the whole thing. After this juice I drank another LIFT juice at 1 pm. I felt pretty energetic and wasn't hungry at all. I did however go to the bathroom 8 million times that day! I imagine you get rid of a lot of toxins this way, so I didn't mind very much.



At 3 pm I was in the mood for another juice, so I grabbed the KICK juice...AND WHAT A KICK! It was really sour and spicy and I really had to get used to the taste, but after a few of sips I actually liked it. I gave all the girls in the office a sip and they all made the sour face, hahaha! It was definitely refreshing! At 5 pm it was time for my "dinner" and I had the BOOST juice again. I really gotta say again how much I love the glass straw. For real, a day of this juice cleanse gives you a week of content for Instagram! LOL.



At 7 pm I had the last juice, BUILD. By then it was the first moment of the day that I started to get hungry and I really wanted to eat something, so I was pretty happy I had another juice. I gotta say, I expected this one to be really sweet but it wasn't. I think this was my least favorite juice of all. But even though I didn't really love it, it did satisfy my hunger so that was a good thing.




plenishBut what...There's more!

The good guys at Plenish added a little surprise for me in the box. Our contact there, Ilona, really loves the SAVOUR juice and she wanted me to try it. So the day after the juice cleanse I had this baby and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. It's like the best chocolate milk you've ever had. I kid you not! So I can definitely say this was my all time favourite. Really, I could drink this every day. So... can I? :)


In short...

In short, I loved the cleanse! The taste of every juice is unique and so fresh. I felt energetic throughout the entire day, so no dip at 4 pm. The juices look very pretty, and I love the details, like the glass straw. For me, that's a sign that the people who make this product really love it. What I didn't like so much: I went to the toilet like 2000 times (but that's actually a good thing), I didn't really like the BUILD juice, and I did get a little bit hungry at night. Would I try it again? I definitely would, but I would love to do it in summer and try it for more days so I can see more changes in my body.

So if you are curious or want to know more about Plenish, be sure to check out their website! Aaand, we have got you a special discount of 20% on all cleanses plus an awesome VIP goodiebag (including an e-book, coolbag and cleanse guide) if you use the code 'fitgirlcode' at your order (valid until 31 December). For now, Plenish only delivers in the UK, so this one's for you sweet Britons!