Squats... They work!

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You’re probably thinking, “duh, of course it works”. But to be honest, I didn’t expect to see results so fast! Sure, you see all these success stories online, but seeing your own body change is something entirely different.

Remember when I told you about the 30 days squat challenge? Well, I finished it. And I started all over again. Whereas I told you last time how much effort it took me to do 75 squats, I’m now doing them easily. I even added a 5kg dumbbell to my squat work out halfway through the first challenge. And what I’m most excited to tell you about: this week I did 120 squats with 20kg added! For me this was a milestone, for I would have never been able to do that if my legs weren’t getting stronger. Not saying that walking or getting out of my chair is my favorite activity today (2 days after), but hey, that’s not the point ;)

And there is more - can I get a drumroll please? …
My bum is shaping up! I’m noticing small changes, and I’m doing squats now for about 45 days. So imagine, you could be a whole lot closer to that Beyoncé-booty in just 1,5 months. That alone should be enough motivation. Go squat NOW!