How to stay fit on holiday (without really trying)

Fit & Training door thijs

Everyone gains a little weight after the holidays, which seems to have become quite the norm. I'm no exception - and after a question round at the office, there are more of us who tend to take a few extra pounds back with us on the plane home. And that's not a suitcase full of souvenirs ? During the holidays I'm quite the advocate of having ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You are on vacation, so you have to enjoy it. There's no room for thinking about a healthy diet, right? Lucky for us, there are ways where eating those ice creams can make us feel less guilty because a holiday can (secretly) be very active. You stay fit without giving up on that holiday feeling. (Of course, you can also just enjoy yourself, do nothing all day on the beach and embrace that extra weight!)

1. Beach walks

Perfect for when you're on a holiday with your boyfriend! In the evening, head to the beach for a late-night walk and watch the sun set. Can it be more romantic?

2. Sightseeing

Are you in a city? Leave those 'hop on, hop off' busses free for the rest and go walking from sight to sight. Believe me, after a whole day of walking around a city, you have burned a lot of calories! You'll also see more of a city as you walk through it, instead of sitting in a bus. Walking through that picturesque street or window shopping at those beautiful stores. You would have missed out on all that if you were sitting on that tour bus.

3. Tourist activities

Does your destination have a famous landmark where you can go to? Such as a tower? Do that! It is often a good climb up, but all the effort is worth it due to the magnificent view you have on top. Or book that trip to that volcano and climb it in the early morning hours. There are plenty of active things you can do at a lot of different destinations! You'll probably also enjoy the ice cream more that you can treat yourself with afterwards. (Okay, yes, ice cream is the only thing on my mind right now.)

4. Swimming

Swimming is really good for you! You train so many different muscle groups when you swim. At a sunny destination, you can always use some cooling off. So, if you are on the beach or next to a pool; go in the water and swim a few laps between your tan sessions ;) You don't just cool off, but you also have a mini workout in the pocket!

5. Try a new sport

Staying by the sea? Try surfing, water skiing or another water sports. Sign up for that local beach volleyball tournament or go to a cafe where a fun dance evening is planned. Perhaps you'll come back full of inspiration for a new sport!

6. Discover nature

To discover nature in a sporty way, there are a lot of different options available! You can of course go for a hike, but you can also go for the harder option and do a trail run through forests. Look around in flyers or ask the hotel if there are good routes and whether things like trail runs are organized.

This way you have all the holiday-experiences, but you still stay fit! Where are you going this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Source (header): Pinterest