The struggles of a runner

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We all have our own problems and difficulties in life. We all have different stuff to deal with. Especially the runners! It’s pretty much part of the deal: start running, and experience a shitload of bloopers, embarrassing moments and memorable actions that will happen to every runner on it’s journey.. Even the most advanced runners will not be able to avoid all of them. Better be prepared, because if you ever ran before, you will surely relate to some of the below mentioned ‘struggles’ ;-)..

The struggles of a runner

1. That moment you just ran one kilometre when you realize you need to pee
2. Forgetting any water on your planned long distance run
3. Trying to hold in your breath to look as calm and cool as possible when passing strangers or other runner’s, while one second later you almost die due to lack of air
4. Promising yourself to stick to a training schedule but ending up just doing whatever suits you best at the moment
5. After months of saving, you finally were able to buy the running shoes you’ve always dreamed about. Two weeks later you notice your favourite brand has released a new pair. Cool, now you’re again old fashioned.
6. Just having had an enormous breakfast when you realize you had to go for a run right when you got up. Digestive system, hurry up.
7. Accidentally touching the ‘cancel’ button on your mobile device. MY MASTERPIECE, GONE, FOREVER!
8. Ugly feet …
9. When your hair looks gross but you can’t shower because you haven’t done your scheduled run yet
10. Trying to survive the eternal, ever lasting minutes on the treadmill

But wait! There's more...


11. That moment when you sign up for a race and you realize you actually have to get serious now
12. Not being able to stop talking about running, and bothering every human being close to you with your excitement
13. Realizing it’s easier to just tell people you’re on a diet because they don’t quite understand what ‘eating healthy’ means
14. Accidentally stepping into a muddle puddle during your first run in bright, shiny new shoes
15. When your best race picture is marred by an old, out-of-shape person walking the 5k that shares a course with your race
16. You can’t find anything to wear when you’re going out because all your normal clothes are slowly being replaced by workout clothes
17. Seeing that low battery reminder on your phone when you’re only half way..
18. Bundling up to get ready to go outside and then realizing you forgot to put your sports bra on
19. Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time while you’re out on your run, and you’re worried about messing up your time
20. Wanting to take a picture of your healthy meal, but getting too excited to eat it that you forget it

What has been your most embarrassing, or annoying moment so far?


Lot’s of love,

Lau (Runninglau)