Summer traveling: best apps to keep you fit

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Are you going to be traveling this summer? I know I am! And whenever I do, things tend to kind of shift in my schedule and it all becomes a blur of wanting to do so many things and see old friends and visit many places and uhm... exercising gets kind of pushed to a side... #notcool 

I do however get tangled up in all those things wearing heels, you know, walking a lot, that counts, right ?! No?... Well, I found some handy apps to help me (and hopefully you) stay fit on holiday!

Summer traveling: best apps to keep you fit

Remember how you're supposed to drink a lot of water and keep hydrated? And how that helps your body a lot, especially in the summer? Yeah, I don't remember that often... So this little thingie helps me out a lot! It's called Waterminder and it keeps track of my water intake. Pretty cool right? The app has a cartoon version of its user, which fills up with water as you drink up. When you turn blue, your goal is achieved! An alternative for this app can also be Water Alert,  where you have to swipe over glasses or bottles as you empty them.

Summer traveling? Best apps to keep you fit!

Going to the beach this summer? That's a great opportunity to burn some calories! Greece, here I come! There's an app to help keep you fit and sassy even if you don't play beach volleyball (which you should also try) or you're not really a surfboard-wave-babe.  Power20 provides you with an awesome 20 minute full body workout! It focuses on improving your overall body strengths and toning you up through squats and planks and crunches - basically most of the challenges you've all ready been through as a member of the Fitgirlcode community- let's face it, you're a pro by now!

Do you love crowds, the noise and the lights? Your heart belongs in big cities and that's just what you'll visit? Well, there's a fit app for that too! I'm really hoping to visit NYC in July and chances of hitting the gym there are pretty...slim. As an alternative, I'll Spring (yep, that's the app) into sightseeing! This basically acts like a Nike+, measuring your rhythm and steps per minute and at the end of the day you can see all the ground you've covered walking, running or dancing the night away!


All of the above, of course, if my phone battery won't decide to break up with me every other 5 hours :)

What do you think of these apps? Have you tried any other apps and want to share? I'd like to hear your experiences with them!