SURFSET fitness in Europe!

Fit & Training door thijs

One of the newest workout trends in the United States arrived to Europe, the popular SURFSET fitness indoor surfing workout!

What is exactly SURFSET?

SURFSET is a full body workout inspired from the real movements of surfing to create workouts that build core strength, stability, balance, aerobic condition, power, lean muscles and coordination, on a surfing board without even touching the water!

SURFSET classes are 45 minutes of surf-inspired movements for optimal fat burn, muscle & improved balance to get away from traditional static workout and challenge your body in new ways! Most, importantly, this will help you build the lean surfer physique!


4 Signature Programs:

SURFSET has four signature programs to deliver maximum results for all fitness levels and fir your own goals.


SURFSET Balance:

This program is yoga-inspired and focuses on core strength, flexibility, stability, dynamic balance and body control. Yoga lovers, this will bring your workout routines to the next level, apparently the board is not as stable as it seems and requires all your muscles to balance yourself for each pose, which will teach you the fundamentals of instability training.


This program focuses on toning your core more in high intensity intervals, you can burn up to 900 calories per session.


In the SURFSET Build program you will build lean muscle with compound and multipoint movements on the board. Also, resistance band and other stregth training implements are introduced for great results.


This is last program is a cocktail of all the other programs combining in a fast- paced program balance strength and high intensity sprints with an extreme core focus to build lean muscle, stability, agility and power.

If you want to get more information and where you can take classes check out their websites! No class available in out area? You can also buy the board and follow the online sessions and get fit at home  with friends!

Ready to spice up your workouts? Keep if updated if you ever try it! Good luck!