30 Day Arm Challenge Video

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We're well past the half of the 30 Day Arm Challenge! How are you doing? Fit Girl Suus and Tizi wanted to share their progress with you and work out together. That's why we made a 30 Day Arm Challenge video! Check it out below.

Let's go through the exercises one more time!


Make sure to keep your back straight at all times. Push-ups can be really, really hard, so don't worry about it when you can't do many in one row. Take breaks whenever you feel you really need one. If regular push-ups are too hard to complete, try the knee push-ups. This way you will still be able to finish the challenge, but won't overburden your muscles.

Reverse push-ups

Ouch, this one is a real b*tch. Try to keep your body straight as a plank and flex your abs while doing the reverse push-up. Make sure that your booty doesn't touch the ground everytime you go down. You might feel ridiculous while doing the reverse push-up, but think of that badass body you're working to get ;)

Kettlebell lifts

Flex your entire core while doing the kettlebell lifts. Don't choose a weight that's too heavy, it will make you move too much while the focus should be on your arms only - but don't make it easy for yourself either!

Click here for the entire 30 day schedule and for more explanation on how to do the exercises. Also don't forget to follow us on the #FITGIRLCODE YouTube channel! We're gonna post vids regularly.



Tag your pics with #FITGIRLCHALLENGE and show us your progress in the 30 Day Arm Challenge! We love to see how you are doing, no matter which day you're at. Keep up the good work girl!