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5 things I learned from the 30 day fitfood challenge

I think you all can agree with me that we’re all trying to find the best solution to be the most healthy version of ourselves. When you’re working out quite

Fashionchick x #FITGIRLCODE 30-Day Ab Challenge

Just about a month ago, we introduced to you a 30-day ab challenge. For March, we are bringing it back, but this time things are going to start heating up! We are challenging

Strength beach lunges

Doing our Thigh challenge on vacation to get lean, strong sexy legs? Awesome! Try doing the lunges in the sand to get a stronger and more effective result! Let’s do beach lunges!

30 day ab challenge

Here we go again! We’re pumped and you should be too, because we invite you to start a new #Fitgirlcode challenge. Summer is coming, which means its bikini and crop
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