Strength beach lunges

Fit & Training door thijs

Doing our Thigh challenge on vacation to get lean, strong sexy legs? Awesome! Try doing the lunges in the sand to get a stronger and more effective result! Let's do beach lunges! A fun but simple way to train your thighs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings :-)

When you walk on the beach the sand slips away under your feet which makes it slightly harder to take steps and to keep your balance. You get the same workout but you get more out of it because of the difficulty to move in the sand. You have to put more effort to get up and must keep you core strong to keep your balance.

Strength beach lunges  

Look for some stones on the beach. Count ten big steps and place the stones on the end of both sides. I took ten big steps and walked back and forth for ten times with a one minute break the fifth time. Do that once in the morning and once in the evening and you'll see the benefits showing in that killer bikini body of yours. You'll even get a great tan doing it!!


Join forces with another Fit Girl!

Here is a funny game that makes you forget you're working out. Y'all know how sexy captain Jack Sparrow always finds his treasured rum? I'd say by doing a killer thigh workout! Well sort of. I’m talking about  the walking Lunges. To find you treasure you must take 10 Lunges North, 2 North-East and 6 East!! If you keep track of time you can decide who's the winner and you can treat yourself to a delicious Froyo or cocktail, because you are still on vacation and you are obligated to enjoy yourselves :-)

What do you need?

-       Plain papers to draw on

-       Pens

-       Starting point marked with a stone

-       Ending point marked with a stone/stick/object (but it must be a secret for the other!!) where the treasure is to be found in the sand

-       Treasure. You’re on the beach. There are a lot of little treasures to find, such as lovely seashells (make a bangle out of it, cute souvenir!).

Getting your workout, getting tanned, finding treasure and have lots of fun. Sounds like a Fit Girl vacay to me!!