My journey to a healthy lifestyle

Helloooo Fit Girls! My name is Cynthia and I’ll be bringing you a weekly read on topics of all sorts you might relate to, but first let me start by telling you a bit about myself…

After the big move from my birthplace Jakarta (Indonesia) to the city of The Hague (The Netherlands) I would pack and move another 15 times. Coming from an expat environment surrounded with both Dutch and Indonesian influences I was bound to grow and evolve as a world citizen. Always interested in travelling abroad, adventurous and at ease with an international crowd. Respecting different cultures, beliefs and mannerisms.

Saying goodbye to my family at a young age however, left an emptiness I would only come to understand at a later stage in life and can now only be grateful for being able to indulge myself back then with the warmth, joys and laughters during summer holidays.

Naturally this base was the kick-off of my life’s path.

Live a conscious and sustainable life
Leaving the nest at the age of 18 and working full-time to pay the bills (and leisure) I decided to quit a Tourism study and my job to travel to a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Being raised and guided throughout my life by various, strong-minded, independent women made me stick to my path in times life was just too confusing and overwhelming.

Being introduced to meditation and yoga was truly welcoming in this phase of life. And surely dancing the night away was a huge energy booster.

As nature’s beauty can give you the most wonderful insights, it was the island of Saint Lucia giving me the insight to live a conscious and sustainable life with highs and lows and paths leading nowhere…and everywhere.

And not only nature but also the circle of people you naturally collect around you can give you a different perspective on life – it pushed me into a new and different direction.

Moving back to The Netherlands and becoming a mother
I’ve now spent years of exploring motherhood, single parenting, long term friendships, (re)discovering yoga, spirituality and love. But also gaining work experience without a degree, a career in the service industry and facilities management, meeting new people, cognitive therapy, people’s emotions, behavior, (dance)festivals, concerts, surfing (both waves and internet), snowboarding, wall climbing, taking pictures, new recipes and food trends, short city(road)trips and travels are my favorite activities and interests.

Obsessive thoughts better known as “Inspiration” usually sets off my writing habits. Browsing the web on whatever topic that pops up in my mind, listening to people and reading books for hours were the main reasons to start a blog somewhat years ago. Nothing fancy, just being able to write off my thoughts, experiences and insights with no goal or purpose whatsoever.

I now realize however, I simply wanted to share. And by doing so, to trigger readers to stop and think about their lives for a moment and to do a quick scan of whether being content with the path they’re on at that moment and if not, to lead them into another direction.

As there is no good or wrong direction.


I am now at that stage in life feeling motivated to continue my path in helping people. Eating healthy, quitting habits and patterns that are self destructive and looking for activities that bring balance in body, mind and soul is a great base for us to explore the world! (Or even the area we live in if exploring the world might not be feasible for you.)

My blog reached a few readers and I’m more than happy to have inspired them in any form whatsoever. And now I can proudly add that I’m very much looking forward to write for #FITGIRLCODE – sharing my journey to a healthy lifestyle and more importantly to maintain it.

Please feel free to drop a comment on any of my articles and follow me on Instagram. Let’s support and inspire each other by sharing our journeys – highs and lows.