Meet our new ambassador Julia Vogel

Fit & Training door thijs

Hi, I’m Julia, 18 years old and from beautiful Austria. I’m a student with a passion for cooking, healthy eating and working out. But let me tell you a little more about myself!

My fitness journey started in 2013 when I got back from my exchange semester in the United States. Even though I was in the volleyball and cheer squad, I gained 10 kilos in 5 months due to emotional eating and really bad food choices. I felt terrible, insecure and self-conscious so I decided to change my life. I went from being the chubby party chica to the girl who loves to spend her free time in the gym. Not only did my body change, but also my mindset. I feel comfortable in my body 99% of the time and I’m strong, fit and happy.


So what does my daily life look like? I go to school from Monday to Friday and even on my longest schooldays, I can’t wait for my workout. I go to the gym or I go outside for a run in the woods. Running has always been a huge passion of mine and I actually started when I was about 12. It all stopped during my exchange but it eventually came back to me and I feel like it’s the most relieving thing in the world. Furthermore, I fell in love with weightlifting. I used to believe that women should only do cardio and use 1kg dumbbells in order to look feminine – turned out I had never been so wrong.

This lifestyle has become my passion and I’m so grateful for this life.


Instagram and

I have to admit that without my blog and my Instagram account, I would have never gotten that far on my journey. I found so much inspiration and motivation through social media and sharing my experiences and helping others is something I love doing. On my blog, you can read about my fitness tips, personal experiences or recipes. It would be amazing if you would check out @julesvogel on Instagram since I’m hoping to reach out to many girls with the same passion.


I’m really proud to be an ambassador of #FITGIRLCODE and really looking forward to writing an article every month from now on.


Let’s do this ladies!!


Love, Julia