VIDEO: The Full Throttle Workout

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We have reached the last week of the month and here is the new workout video by our hard-working Fit Girls Aranka and Alicia. This time the girls decided to level up the intensity of the exercises and prepared for you the ultimate workout for your entire body. Here it is - The Full Throttle Workout! 

#FITGIRLCODE Presents: The Full Throttle Workout


The Exercises

  1. 3 Time Hop: Starting from a straight posture, begin to do series of three high knees. Then, switch legs and repeat the movement.
  2. Skate Jump: Begin by hopping from one side to the other while placing the opposite leg behind you. While you are doing so, reach for your leg with your exterior hand. Make sure to land softly on your knees.
  3. Square Jump Squat: Begin with a small jump and land into a squat position then jump back up and repeat this movement by turning 90 degrees to another side. Repeat the exercise until you have done two full squares.
  4. Alternate Side Jump: From a standing position, hop slightly and slide your leg to the side. While you do so, push your arm forward energetically (same side as the sliding leg). Don't forget to bend your other leg softly, without hurting your knee. Get back to a standing position.

Make sure that you complete the entire video at least twice with a small break in between. For intermediate Fit Girls, we challenge you to repeat the entire workout 3 times. And for our advanced Fit Girls we challenge you to complete this abtastic workout 5 times!

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