The final week of the #PinkChallenge

Fit & Training door thijs

We have almost reached the end of the #PinkChallenge and the last three weeks have been a very fun and educational experience. I've tried lots of new recipes and exercises thanks to this challenge and I'm going to include them in my daily routine!

The purpose of this challenge was to work towards a new goal of healthy eating and being active by changing up the normal routine. We all know that variety isn't always possible to maintain to the hectic pace of daily life, but the important thing is that you always do what makes you happy. The first step to a healthy and happy life is to accept yourself and see what works for you. 


I like to eat lots of food every day and I off course it's a constant struggle to find the right balance between a healthy lifestyle and having fun. Of course it is important that you eat your daily portion of fruits and vegetables, but you shouldn't deprive yourself of treats you want either. You want to enjoy a juicy burger and a cold beer at the weekend ? Just do it! There's really nothing wrong with that. During this challenge I didn't follow the schedule rigidly, swapping meals here and there and yes, I've even had some cheat meals but I don't feel guilty about it. We only live once, so don't be too hard on yourself. I also tried lots of new recipes over the last three weeks that I will be including into my routine from now on. I often tend to eat the same things because life is hectic and this just makes it easier but I get tired of certain dishes quickly. This challenge has shown me that you can rustle up a simple but healthy meal with a few ingredients without spending too much time and energy! I'm also very happy with the Perfectly Pink Smoothie innocent because not only do I get the right vitamins, but it also gives me building blocks to support my body for working out. And I'll let you in on a little secret, it saves me lots of time, that my blender has been a little neglected and left in the back of my cupboard.

Sports Fanatic

Exercise is good for you and gives you a lot of energy, but again you shouldn't feel guilty if you don't go to the gym every day. Before I started this challenge, I thought that a workout should last at least an hour and it could only be considered a succes if you are totally exhausted afterwards. Of course this is nonsense. Alicia's workout videos showed me that short and powerful exercises can accomplish as much as an hour of intense training on the machines at the gym. More is not always better! This schedule also highlighted yoga to work into an active, lifestyle with videos from yogi Liberty which has given me variety and helped me to find the right balance for body and mind. It's very relaxing and it brings a much needed sense of tranquility to my mind.

The workouts from Alicia and Liberty are completely different, but they complement each other nicely. And the best part is that you can do both of them at home on a mat. Going to the gym is completely unnecessary! I definitely want to try and maintain this variety. I am guilty of focusing on my body and wanting look good, but I've also learned that it is important to be satisfied with yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. So it is not all about getting that perfect booty!

And here's the next video for you so don't wait any longer and get started. Just one week girls so pull out all the stops and just go for it!

It is your final chance to win some goodies now that we are in the last week, so don't forget to upload and tag your photos on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #PinkChallenge and you could win a limited edition #FITGIRLCODE tanktop AND Jogha Racerback Bra!

Shot at Balanzs Rotterdam