The week of a CEO on sneakers

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This week was insane. So much has happened. I've had three incredibly big milestones in one week. Imagine the rollercoaster I am riding right now...So to keep you updated, I thought it'd be nice to give you a little overview of all the events of this week!

 The week of a CEO on sneakers

jogha lancering aranka

Jogha - release your inner badass

I cannot even express how awesome Monday was. A year ago I decided to quit my job and start chasing my dreams, which meant creating a fashionable, luxury sportswear brand for women: Jogha. And this week it finally happened.. With a team of dedicated girl bosses, we launched Jogha! The site looks amazing (thanks to the awesome designer Kim Antler) and the presale started this Monday.  Make sure to visit the website and check out all the incredible fashionable sportswear we created just for you!


loft aranka

Moving into my dream house

And if that wasn't enough, I also moved into my dream house with my dream guy (and Mr. Cooper Cat of course). It is a almost 100 year old loft apartment with roof terrace and the most beautiful brick wall! Although I am still unpacking boxes, the place already feels like home.

viva400 aranka

 Viva400 Award

This was such an incredible night. #FITGIRLCODE won the Viva400 Award in the category Online! Laura and I collected the award for the entire #FITGIRLCODE team. Nearly 39.000 votes were casted and the jury decided that it were the Fit Girls who deserved the award. If I haven't thanked you enough yet: thank you Fit Girls! You are amazing!

Honestly, I don't think any week in the future can match this one! But a girl can dream :)