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Following a food and workout schedule perfectly can take up quite a bit of effort and devotion. Although, if you prepare yourself properly you'll see that it is much easier than you may think. Since we want you to accomplish your fitness goals as successfully as possible, we have gathered our best fitness tips & tricks in order to go through the Fitgirlcode Guide without a hassle. You got this!

The better you prepare yourself, the easier it will be.

Just like everything else in life, when you prep and organize yourself, it'll come at you much softer and easier. Well, the exact same counts for the Fitgirlcode Guide! The first of our fitness tips is to make sure that you buy all your groceries in time, and that you free up your Sunday in order to get some prepping done. Once in a while you will have to bake some banana bread, and it is also probable that you won't be free every lunch time. Thus, you should prep some of your meals in the weekend. What a relief it will be when your food is simply waiting for you in the fridge!

Follow the mindfulness exercises

Here and there we get questions about why the Fitgirlcode Guide includes minfulness exercises, and we cannot stress the importance of these exercises more. They are going to help you! It may not sound logical at first as to why sports and mindfulness are so interconnected, but they honestly are inseparable. The exercises will teach you to eat in a stable way, which will help you in losing some of the unnecessary apetite that you will cross paths with. It is going to teach you to enjoy what you eat more. One of our favourite mindfulness articles that you can read about next is about embracing your imperfections.

Follow the guide with a friend

Together we are stronger, that's for sure. This is why you should try to follow the guide with a friend. Do the workouts together with your BFF or partner that also want to get fitter, or prep and eat your meals together. It is always more fun to do something when you can share it with someone who understands your mindset. That person will also drag you through your less motivated days. Grab your fit buddy and get started!

Stay positive

A lot of people find keeping up with food schedules very difficult, because they make it harder for themselves than it actually is. Remind yourself that IT IS NOT HARD, and that any doubts are from within. These doubts need to be gotten rid of. The more you think that you can't do it, the more you are inclined to give up. If you think positively, and take every day step by step, then you will see that the 8 weeks are going to fly by.

Join the community

Did you know that if you follow one of our guides you will get exclusive access to our Fitgirlcode Community? Within this community, more than 2500 women are waiting to share their experiences and motivations with you. We're all in the same boat after all. All the fit women in the community are going through the same journey as you are and they share the same questions and insights. If you're feeling down, or you're actually feeling very proud of yourself, then the Fitgirlcode Community becomes your safe space where you can share your thoughts comfortably. This extra girl power will boost you and help you in successfully completing the 8 weeks!

So, you see? It's not as hard as you may think! You're still on time to start your summer body, so don't hesitate to buy the guide and get crackalackin'. We believe in you and are convinced that you will make it! Did you follow the guide, and do you have some more tips & tricks for your fellow Fit Girls, then don't hesitate to share them.

Photo credits: Fredo Figaredo via Unsplash

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