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With Christmas and cold winter nights coming up, I love settling myself on the couch with a pot of tea, Christmas candy and an awesome movie. So I decided to create my top 10 favorite December movies! Hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. Now get your favourite comfort food and crawl under a warm blanket. Time to do some serious relaxing! :)

1.Home alone

Oh man how I loved this movie as a kid. This little boy has been forgotten and left home by his family while they left for a holiday. So he is home alone .. and two burglars try to break in the house but he sabotages every step of their way with smart traps. It was awesome to see how this cute little guy fights against the crooks.

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2.The Grinch

A filming of the classic book written by Dr. Seuss where a green haired evil creature called “The Grinch” (played by the awesome Jim Carrey) tries to ruin Christmas by steeling all gifts from the supercute people “The Who’s”.

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3.Love Actually

In this movie there are 10 different love stories where some loves are answered and some are broken. This movie has been recorded in London. London is one of the most romantic cities during Christmas :D So get you hot coco ready and crash on the couch and get ready for  whole lotta romance!

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4.The Santa Clause

Again a Christmas classic where the fantastic Actor Tim Allen takes over Santa’s job because he thinks he killed Santa after scaring him which lead him to fall off the roof. Slowly Tim Allen turns into a "real" santa (Grey hair and beard, big belly and growing cravings for cookies and milk). He’s got to deal with this transformation in normal life.

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5.Harry potter series

Take out the butter bears and the chocolate frogs! Potter comes to save the world and makes your evening magical! Especially the enters Hogwarts the first time and gets welcomed in the hall with all the other young wizards. Isn't everyone secretly waiting for their own Hogwarts letter? There are fireplaces, Rudolph sweaters, young teenagers with magical wands and exciting magical searchings and battles.


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6.Nightmare before Christmas

This is a fantastic animation movie by Tim Burton. The movie tells a story about Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween town. He gets bored with the same activities he does with Halloween, so one day he stumbles upon Christmas town and gets inspired by the Christmas vibe and tries to do the same.

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7.The Muppet Christmas Carol

One of Charles Dickens classics “A Christmas Carol” has been muppified! Full of jolly songs and happy muppets :D I especially love the “Marley and Marley” scene. Where the ghost of Marley and Marley come alive and sing their anthem song.

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8.Bridget Jones Diary

In my opinion, one of Renee Zellwegers masterpieces. The single “Bridget Jones” is searching for love. At first she was the loneliest woman that spend her nights “All by herself” (a fantastic scene where she sits on the couch, drinking her wine alone and crying Celine’s Dion “All By myself” out loud) or with friends and of course wine. Then she gets into a fling with her sexually frustrated boss. At the same time her mother tries to hook her up with an old childhood friend. Lots of doubts, hesitations and romance.

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9.Happy Feet

Yaayy!! The tapdancing penguin. So adorable! It really makes my feet happy and eager to dance with the happy tappy sing a long songs :D Cuteness all over the place!

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10.The Holiday

A romantic movie starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Jack Black and Jude Law. Diaz and Barrymore meet each other on internet and looking for a change. So they decided to switch homes during the holidays. Of course there are some romances going on ;)

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So, Fit Girls, what are your favorite movies? I'm looking for some new movies to check this Xmas ;)

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