8 Feelings any food lover can relate to

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Sometimes, I really think that food is my soulmate. We've been in a relationship for a really long time, and to date, nothing makes me happier. I mean..it's food. Need I say more? Food doesn't judge you, it's always there for you, it won't leave you or cheat on you and you don't need to wonder if it will text you back or not.  Want to know if you're a true food lover? Check out if you can relate to these feels. 

1.The ultimate motivation to leave your house is food

It feels like no outing  is worth going to unless there will also be food in attendance. I can admit that I love staying at my house a bit more than your average 20 year old. So if you want to get me out, you've got to come strong and offer something I can't resist: food.

2. 70% of your conversations are about food

Some of the favorite topics of any food lover include: What are we eating? Where are we eating? Who is cooking? and the most recurring topic, when can we eat?

3. You watch and read recipes online all.day.long. knowing you're never going to try all of them out

Not sure if I enjoy torturing myself, or that I really mean it every time I say "I'm going to totally cook this sometime." I swear, I have so many recipes saved in my tabs, and I must watch at least two of those minute long recipe videos on Facebook pages like Tasty. Can't seem to help myself, can't seem to get in the kitchen and cook. Stuck somewhere in the middle where I stare longingly...

4. You always have money to get something to eat, no matter how broke you are

Any college students out there reading? You know what I'm talking about. I spend as little as I can on my clothes, accessories and even my school books. Yet when it comes to food, the money just comes rolling out..

5. Everyone knows the ultimate gift for your birthday is to to take you out to eat

This year, I got a voucher for a really nice dinner at a steakhouse. Yes,yes, yes. They really know me. Food is the way to the heart, so what better way to show someone love on their birthday than with a meal?!

6. Your friends don't even ask anymore, they know you want to help finish their meal

At the start of a friendship, you had to settle for that gut-wrenching feeling when you see them give their plate to the waiter without finishing the meal. Then, came the first time they asked if you'd like some, and now? Now they just pass their plate over to you or put some of their food into your plate without a word.

7. If you're upset with someone, they know exactly how to make it alright again

So, maybe it's a weakness. Food is your very own kryptonite and by now, those around you know just that. I think they should be thankful. There's no guessing game on how to make you happy again, just come with a pizza and you're good as new!

8. Every single thing in your life is an event deserving of  a good meal out

Got a promotion on the job? Celebratory brunch. It's the birthday of your great uncle's niece's husband? Celebratory dinner. Rolled out of bed this morning? Maybe you deserve a trip to your favorite breakfast place.  Bought a whole bunch of groceries to ensure you don't eat out for a while? I think that calls for some takeout.

So, proclaimed food lover, did you find yourself in any of these? Let me know which ones I missed and which ones were spot on! 

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